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Smoothe Foods

Smoothe Foods 24 Variety Pack - Customer's Choice

24 FROZEN Meals Total (Customer's choice)

Smoothe Foods Frozen Purees offers variety to you and your loved ones. A varied meal plan allows for better eating. 
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Case Size: 24/6 oz.

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Cherry Cheese Blintz
Crepes with ricotta cheese and touch of cherry filling
Potatoes, eggs and onions
Mac & Cheese
Creamy cheddar and American cheese
Pancakes, Ricotta & Blueberries
Pancakes swirled with ricotta cheese, blueberries and apple compote
Shells, Peas & Mushrooms
Pasta shells and tomato sauce with ricotta and Romano cheese
Three Bean Chili
Fiber rich beans with tomato and spices
Power Bowl
Red lentils, quinoa, avocado and beets


  • Cherry Cheese Blintz